Green Supreme Ringo's Gift CBD Vape Cart

Here at Green Supreme, we value our reputation just as much as we value your health and well-being. Our innovative CBD Vape Carts are designed with your convenience and health in mind. Science has allowed us to discover exactly what it is that gives cannabis its’ reputation as a beneficial super plant and exactly which cannabinoids help specifically with pain, inflammation, and so forth. This knowledge allows us to isolate pure cannabidiol or CBD from other psychoactive cannabinoids such as THC, meaning you can reap all the awesome healing powers of cannabis without feeling high or stoned. Not only are Green Supreme CBD Vape Carts a convenient choice, they’re also a great option for health-conscious individuals who may shy away from smoking due to the negative side-effects of combustion. All of our signature cartridges are made with 99.6% hemp and cannabis-derived CBD oil and strain-specific terpenes. Say good bye to impurities and adulterants that can be found in other carts – we guarantee absolutely zero Vitamin E Acetate and heavy metals can be found in our cartridges. Our carts are housed in a 1.0mL tank and are only compatible with 510-threaded rechargeable batteries.


<b>Minimum order quantity: 7</b>


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