Our Mission

Curious About Our Culture?

We’re Green Supreme, a proud producer of some of Canada’s finest cannabis concentrates. From budder, to live resin, vaporizer pens and premium THCA diamonds, we’ve got it all. We separate ourselves from others on the market with our one simple philosophy – we believe that any great cannabis concentrate begins with great flowers and we strive to educate and spread the beauty that lies within the healing benefits of cannabis. Thus, we strictly use fresh, AAAA+ quality, strain specific buds for every run, allowing you to get the full-spectrum experience of unique cannabinoids and terpenes every time.

Our team of extraction artists work with some of the most outstanding craft growers within British Columbia and work hard to make the original terpenes and intense, unique flavour profiles of each individual phenotype shine through in all of our concentrates. Get the most out of life and Supreme your standards with Green Supreme! Please feel free to e-mail us if you’d like to get in touch with us or for any other inquiries! I have attached a wholsale menu which you can take a look at but here a is rough breakdown of pricing for the products we carry.

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