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All of our decadent THC edibles are hand-crafted with love and care by our artisanal pastry chefs in house. Our promise is that all of our edibles are just as delicious as they are potent. To ensure that, we keep it simple by only using real, all-natural ingredients and fair-trade cocoa in all of our baked goods, from our fudgy brownies, to our irresistible chocolate chip cookies. Patience, diligence, and dedication allow us to make sure that every single edible is properly dosed for your benefit and safety.


It doesn't get more convenient than this! Take your favourite craft-cannabis strains with you anywhere, at anytime with our portable vaporizer cartridges. Sourced from BC-grown cannabis, our strain-specific vapes contain nothing but pure THC oil and authentic, naturally-derived terpenes. Enjoy all of the amazing strains Canada has to offer and find your favourite!



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